Whoami and What is This Blog About

My name is Dhaval, and I am currently working at a cryptocurrency exchange while being a bug bounty participant since 2013. I have maintained prominent ranks in programs of Facebook and Yahoo in 2014,2015 while currently, I am a focusing my time being an SRT member at Synack.

I am mostly accustomed to testing web applications and APIs and minute code review, as part of my job I am currently learning to design

  • Post Incident Response System

Cryptocurrency is a very volatile asset, a minute leak of information can lead to major financial loss and therefore we are designing a protocol and system to handle incidents and system to follow during or post-incident to minimize the impact on the data leak

  • Secure Architecture for Micro Services

In the current era of micro services being a default practice for application development raises the need for secure architecture for services to transfer data securely and abide by their permission level in case of a compromise of a service impact can be reduced

This blog shall be the reflection of my learnings towards obstacles faced against WAFs and defenses to anything random like an analysis of Nameservers. I'll try to maintain a weekly blog on summarizing what I learned in that period of time